Have a question? Perhaps we’ve answered it before! Have a look at some of our more frequently asked questions.

Q.Do I need to bring any special gear or equipment on my charter?

A. Waterproof clothing is a necessity as are waterproof footwear. You should also pack an assortment of warm weather/cold weather clothing as our temperatures in late August through to early October can vary greatly. Don’t forget to pack a toque as well!

Q.Is there any guarantee of hooking a tuna on my charter?

A. As with any other sport fishing, there is never a guarantee of catching a fish, but with the right gear, the right fishing practices, and an indepth knowledge of the fishing grounds, your chances are pretty good.

Q.What is your policy if my charter is cancelled due to bad weather?

A. We will do our very best to accommodate you with an alternative date in the event of a cancellation, depending upon availability. Our weather can be a bit uncooperative this time of year and we consider safety first.

Q.Do you provide safety equipment and life jackets?

A. Our vessel is Transport Canada approved. We provide a twelve man liferaft and life jackets for all onboard. Upon boarding the vessel, you will be given a safety briefing.

Q.Can you provide me with help with lodgings?

A. We would be more than happy to help you with any of your needs from finding and booking lodgings to stocking your fridge to searching out and helping you plan any other attractions you may want to enjoy while you are here. No request is too small, or too big. There is a list of lodgings in the links page that offers a range of accommodations such as luxury homes, quaint cottages, bed and breakfasts, inns or hotels. We can also recommend dining and entertainment.

Q.How many hours is one of your typical charters?

A. A typical charter is eight hours.

Q.What type of fishing gear do you use?

A. We use rod and reel and a fighting chair. Our line is 130lb test, our hooks are barbless circle hooks, and all rods are professionally rigged. Our bait is usually live but occasionally we use artificial. Our methods include chumming, trolling and kiting.

Q.Do you recommend any preparation before I arrive?

A. All you have to do is remember to pack your personal requirements. You are welcome to bring whatever you like. We do provide food and refreshments while aboard.

 Q.What other type of wildlife might I see during my charter?

A. There can be an abundance of wildlife to view during your charter. Bald eagles are common in the vicinity of the wharf. Seals may be numerous as well as whales and porpoises. Birds are numerous as well. Gannets are a thrilling sight as they dive head first like a rocket deep into the water to swim around and catch fish! This is a very common sight.